There are words to be spoken around a something to do, before a something to do, and after a something to do. Likewise, there are words to be spoken around a work of art, before a work of art, and after a work of art. The discussion of future action is so celebrated, that every year many humans resolve to make changes: "I'm gonna do this" they say, "I'm gonna do that." Like resolutions of the new year, a work of art is more readily talked about than it is accomplished. It is easy to talk about what would, should, and could happen.


  1. A documentary film does one of two things for its subject: makes it matter or makes it have matter.

  2. A documentary film does not make a subject it makes a matter.

  3. A documentary film forces its subject to matter even if it doesn’t have matter.


As a result,


unremarkable things can easily be mistaken for being remarkable.


this performance is about an unremarkable piece that hasn’t yet been made by an unremarkable artist. Five actors will be speaking, usually simultaneously, about this piece by this artist. All of their talking about the potentiality of this piece will only produce cacophony; therefore, inaction. An idea is always easier said than done.