The Artist

  1. walking/tripping over 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of a finalist podium. 

  2. introverted and overly thoughtful

  3. paced as if answering questions


Formal Representative

  1. standing at a presidential-esque podium (with american flag)

  2. triumphant and controlled

  3. paced like political speeches


The Critic

  1. sitting atop a ladder (a la Rauschenberg in interview)

  2. overly serious and contemplative

  3. paced extremely slow and drawn out


The Acquaintance

  1. lounging in a psychoanalysis chair

  2. slightly melancholy - possibly jealous but honest

    “well… I guess, he was always,...”
  3. paced slow and considerate


The Interviewer

  1. walking around with a tour guide headset and belt mounted speaker

  2. very energetic but emotionless

  3. a very consistent pacing of questions - robotic